Buy Testosterone Suspension

You've worked out hard, but you're not seeing all the results.

Now, you've decided to buy testosterone suspension. Before doing so, you need to look at and research the characteristics of the drug, how to buy it (if legal) and where to buy it (again, if this is legal where you're at).

So, what the heck is testosterone suspension?

Before you buy testosterone suspension, we'll give you some history regarding one of the original anabolic steroids. Since first appearing on the scene in the 1930's, testosterone suspension has no ester attached and most often appears in a water base but can also appear in an oil or propylene glycol. Specific medical uses include giving it to patients with low levels of natural occurring testosterone as well as some HIV and cancer patients. This means that whatever level of testosterone injected is what you absorb apposed to other such steroids. For this reason, many bodybuilders buy testosterone suspension. Most users inject on at least a daily basis but others will inject even multiple times a day. Bodybuilders typically use this anabolic steroid during the bulking cycle as opposed to the cutting cycle. This steroid will put on muscle mass and give the user additional size and strength.It does this by raising the levels of nitrogen in the body's muscle tissue. In turn, the muscles will keep more of the protein that builds them larger and bigger.

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What are the side effects associated with testosterone suspension?

Now that you have a little of the background material, you should see some of the side effects before you buy testosterone suspension. First off, women do not typically take this type of steroid due to the sever side effects. Those that do decide to use it, use it in small amounts and stop at the first sign of side effects. In men, taking testosterone suspension can cause the body's natural levels of testosterone to plummet because of the introduction of this substance. The liver can also become toxic if you do decide to buy testosterone suspension. Users may also find that their blood pressure has increased which will need to be monitored while using this anabolic steroid. Some other side effects can include shortness of breath and abdominal pain. If a user ever sees yellowing of the skin or eyes, they should seek immediate medical attention due to the possibility of the aforementioned liver toxicity.