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Testosterones with esters have their own different properties but pure testosterone steroid is too good for mass gain. Testosterone Suspension popularly known as Testosus is a testosterone steroid in its purest form. It is testosterone in water only and is without any ester. Though often referred to as crude, it is quite effective as mass agent.

Testosterone Suspension Profile

Testosterone Suspension is an extremely powerful steroid and the athletes and body builders who want to see rapid increase in muscle mass gain and strength gain should buy testosterone suspension. This happens because Testosterone Suspension readily enters the blood steam as soon as it is injected (it takes one hour to become active). Due to this property impressive gains in strength and size are noticed by the user in just a few days of its use. 

The body builders and athletes who buy testosterone suspension notice an increase in aggression level and a marked increase in strength and stamina with its use. It raises the endurance level of the user making him train harder. This performance enhancing steroid also helps the body to recover from the stress and strain of the tough training regime. The users who buy testosterone suspension notice dramatic increase in the muscle mass gains and that too in a short span of time. The muscles built with Testosterone Suspension are of superior quality this is because of the high density. However the user must stop taking Testosterone Suspension after a specific period of time. This is because its prolong use results in water retention and the cause the muscles to bloat up and lose their hardness.

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As Testosterone produces amazing gains in weight, it is advisable to use this steroid during the bulking phase. As mentioned earlier, Testosterone Suspension enters and leaves the body earlier, a daily injection is required and that’s why this steroid is not meant for beginners and those who do not like the idea of taking injections daily. In order to avoid taking daily injections, some users use it in combination with other steroids.

Testosterone Suspension should be shook well before use as testosterone is not a highly soluble substance and that’s why it settles down when the vial is left standing for a long time.  

The side effects of Testosterone Suspension include hair loss, acne, oily skin and abnormal growth of hair on the user’s face and body. It may also cause testicular atrophy in men. Blood pressure often shoots up with this steroid and users have also complained of having difficulty in urinating.

Buy Testosterone Suspension Online

Buying steroids offline without a prescription is impossible and it’s not that easy to get a prescription because of the legal issues associated with it. No authentic practitioner would ever issue a prescription without the ailment and hence in past times the athletes and body builders were left with no choice but to buy testosterone suspension on the black market. This was not only illegal but the user ended up paying a lot of money for a sub standard or a fake product. However this is not the case with online pharmacies, moreover you do not require a prescription to buy testosterone suspension online but you must be 18 years or above to purchase steroids online. The online pharmacies provide steroids at a competitive price and even offer you discounts if you purchase in bulk. The online pharmacies ensure complete confidentiality and safe and on time delivery of steroids at the place you desire.

Though there are risks associated with buying steroids online too but you can take measures at your end to ensure you get the best deal. First of all check the online existence of the drug dealer you are looking forward to have a deal with. More than five years existence would be most appropriate. Dealing with a new supplier is always risky. Secondly check user reviews about the dealer. See what customers have to say about the dealer. If there are positive feedbacks you can go for that dealer. Buying online would bring you ease and convenience and will also ensure quality and confidentiality. So confirm things at your end and place the order to have your steroids delivered right at your door step.